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About St. Mary Woolnot (or Woolnoth) Church in London, the place where Thomas Hancock was probably baptised.

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St Mary Woolnoth Church

Lombard Street, EC3V 9AN

One of 6 Hawksmoor churches, this is the only one in the City of London. Robust baroque facade and superbly treated North Wall with 3 elaborately developed blank arches. Grand and lofty, yet intimate interior. Fine plasterwork and original reredos and pulpit.

Name: St Mary Woolnoth Church

Address: Lombard Street

Phone: (020) 7626 9701

Travel: Bank tube

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St Mary Woolnoth was said to have been founded originally by Wulfnoth, a Saxon noble, on the site of a Roman Temple to Concord. The church is famous among architects. It was built by Nicholas Hawksmoor in 1716-1721. The front, heavily rusticated, rises as if two towers have been fused together and finally separates into two sturdy turrets. It is situated in a prime location by the Bank of England, Mansion House and the Royal Exchange, and there have been many attempts to sweep St Mary's away. The side entrance to the left of the church no longer leads to the crypt, but to Bank underground station. The dead were evacuated to Ilford in 1900.

Lombard Street EC3

Opening times 7.45am - 5pm Mon-Fri