John D. Hancock 1809

John D. Hancock 1809


The following excerpt is from Vol. 1, Wiregrass Georgia by Judge Folks Huxford:

John D. Hancock, 1809-1870, Berrien Co.

John D. Hancock was born in Tatnall County in 1809, a son of Durham and Polly Hancock. His parents moved to Lowndes County about 1826 and he served as ensign in the 776th district militia of Lowndes County, 1830-1833, and as 1st lieutenant in Capt. Hamilton W> Sharpe’s volunteer troop of militia in the Florida Indian War in 1836; which company also did service in their home county of Lowndes on the Florida line. Mr. Hancock was married in 1835 to Miss Irene VanZant of Tatnall County. She was born there in 1811. Their children were:

1. John Mark, b. 1836, m. Martha Hall, dau. of Abijah, July 19, 1857

2. Eliza L., b. 1839, m. E.D. Morris.

3. Mary Ann, b. 1841, m. Eli T. Richardson, Dec. 3, 1865.

4. Sarah W., b. 1844, m. Dr. George Mobley.

5. William W., b. 1848, m. Martha Rutherford, dau. of W.W., Jan. 17, 1869

6. Henry J., b. 1852, m. Dicy Nesmith, dau. of John H.

Mr. and Mrs. Hancock after marriage settled on lot of land 87 in the 9th district of Lowndes County and was burned out the next year (1836) by the Indians during the time he was away in militia service. He then moved to the adjoining lot of land, rebuilt and lived there until his death about 1870. His wife survived him several years.

Mr. and Mrs. Hancock were members of Flat Creek Primitive Baptist Church. He joined about 1860 and she united in June, 1862. Both were baptized into its membership. Mr. Hancock was church clerk 1864-1868.

In 1856 when Berrien County was created out of Lowndes he was cut into that county. He was Justice of Peace in the 1156th district of Berrien County from its creation in 1856 until 1869.

Census References: 1840, 1850, Lowndes; 1860, Berrien.


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