Parenting on Purpose

Every parent needs good advice and practical suggestions about raising their children. This series of audio lessons by Jay & Jody Hancock includes sessions on raising responsible kids and the ICE Plan.  Listen to the lessons recorded live as a part of the "Parenting Matters" series at Carmel Baptist Church in Charlotte.

From Jay & Jody:

We were blessed in the early years of our marriage to go to a parenting seminar to hear about raising responsible kids and having the proper priorities in parenting. Bob Barnes was the speaker and many of the ideas (including the ICE plan) come from Bob. We have tested these ideas and added our own for this series. More recently, our parenting style has been influenced by John Rosemond. Parenting by the Book and Teen-Proofing are our favorites by Dr. Rosemond. Check out Dr. Barnes' and Dr. Rosemond's books on Amazon.com. Or visit www.parentingonpurpose.org (Dr. Barnes) and www.parentguru.com (Dr. Rosemond).

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SESSION 1: Three Pillars of Parenting

In order to be an effective parent, you have to define what you believe about your child’s nature, what you believe about your role as a parent and what you believe about authority. In this session, Jay and Jody Hancock talk about these foundational ideas.

Three Pillars of Parenting

SESSION 2: The Four Seasons of Parenting

Navigating parenthood requires parents to know their proper role with their children. Smart parents know that their role changes as the years go by.  In this session, Jay and Jody Hancock discuss these changing roles.

Four Seasons of Parenting

SESSION 3: I.C.E. Plan, Part 1

All parents want their children to be responsible and self-disciplined. But it’s not always easy getting there. In this session, Jay and Jody start their two part session talking about a practical plan for building responsibility into the life of your child. 

ICE Plan Part 1

SESSION 4: I.C.E. Plan, Part 2 

Raising responsible kids requires a plan. By the time our children leave home, we want them to be responsible in their relationships, at work or school, in finances, and in many other areas of life. In this session, Jay and Jody Hancock finish their two part session on building responsibility onto the life of your child.

ICE Plan Part 2

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